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Frequently Asked Questions

Which insurance companies do you accept?
     We accept all insurance companies. If you are a first time patient, please have your prescription card and bin number handy.
What is a compounding pharmacy?

     Compounding is the customization of pharmaceutical products to fit the unique needs of patients. While compounds must be prescribed, we work with prescribers to make sure that our patients receive the medication most suitable for them.

     Compounding opens the doors for a lot of patients who are unable to take their treatment in a certain way. For example, we have many physicians that will prescribe a certain pediatric medications in the form of a gummy. Also, veterinarians will prescribe different dosage forms such as chewable troches, topical powders, inhalation therapy, etc. for pets that cannot take the medication in a specific way.

     Compounding also allows us to provide hormone treatment or BHRT. We provide ZRT saliva/blood testing for hormones, this allows us to customize your hormone treatment just for you.

Are the powders you use for compounding natural?

     YES, we make sure that all our compounding medications are natural products.

What makes Katy Pharmacy different from other pharmacies?

     While we provide many services, we pride ourselves on excellent service. You are not just a prescription number to us. We take care of each one of our patients and get to know them by name. Because we want the best for our patients, we provide the following services:

  • We are a traditional pharmacy (like walgreens, CVS, etc), we are a specialty pharmacy (we carry certain medications that other pharmacies do not carry), and we are a compounding pharmacy (customize medications according to patient needs)
  • We Deliver
  • You can order and refill prescriptions online.
  • We provide FREE Drug Utilization Review.
  • We have vaccinations
  • We also hold health education seminars
How do I transfer my prescriptions to Katy Pharmacy?

     Easy, just follow these steps when you call us:

  • Make sure that your refill hasn't expired.
  • Provide us with a Prescription number (will be printed on your vial) and the name of the medication.
  • We will need the name and phone number of the pharmacy from which you are transferring.
  • If you are a first time customer, we will also need some demographic info. I.e. Name, Phone Number, Address, Prescription Coverage, etc.
Is there anyway I can provide feedback anonymously?

     Yes, please take a moment to fill out our 10 question survey on the feedback page.

What if my question wasn't answered in the questions above?

     Please feel free to call or e-mail us via our contact page.